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April 20, 2017


Curiosity means the desire to know more. Wasn’t that the reason why you chose this book? Curiosity surrounds us even before we are born, will it be a boy or a girl? Being curious is said to be in our DNA or are we programmed to be curious? From curiosity comes a thought that forms a question to which we get an answer and from that answer everything living or non living evolves. Imagine this world without curiosity, there would be no computers, aircrafts, transportation, relationships, reading, writing, entertainment, in short there would be nothing. Some guy saw a box TV and was curious to know if a TV could be made flat. From a thought it became a question to which he got an answer because of which he could do some experiments and now we are surrounded by flat screen TVs. The flat screen TV we see is a result of someone’s curiosity but where did the answer come from? Where did the answer to some ones curiosity to firstly make a TV come from? This was just a small example, take a moment and think about anything living or non living and the law behind its evolution will be the same. Scientists, physicists, mathematicians, inventors, writers, great leaders have all become pillars of this world. Now if we all have curiosity in our DNA how come only few people are the pillars of this world? Or were only these few people programmed with this energy called curiosity? Ever since I can remember I always knew there was more to life than birth and death. I started getting my answers not from this world but the real world. In this book I share my evolution which came from curiosity to a thought that became a question and then came all the answers.

Q1 – What does spirituality mean?

Spirituality means simply knowing the truth…….truth about who we are, where do we come from, where do we go after we die, what is our purpose here, does god exist and the list of questions goes on and on. So let’s take on these questions one at a time.

Q2 – Who are we (humans)?

We are all spiritual beings in a human form. We take this form for our spiritual growth and knowledge. Knowledge that stays with us no matter where we go in this universe or what form we take. Spiritual knowledge is the only wealth that stays with us and just like the universe it has no beginning or end.

Q3 – Where do we come from and why?

We come from a highly civilized and advanced society, let’s call it the real world. We come to this program as it is called in the real world and for you its life on earth to learn and grow as beings so that the society we come from becomes and stays a better place. Look around you and see how advanced technology has become and the main reason for it is that education has advanced, so in the real world you cannot even imagine what all is possible and how advanced education and technology  has become

Q4 – Spiritual beings. Does that mean we have no physical form in the real world?

You are a spiritual being when you enter this program or life on earth. Spiritual being means our physical form is in the real world and only a part of our spirit has entered this program. And after we finish with this program or like you call it die we go back to our form in the Real world. It’s like a boarding school where you think this is what life is and when it is over you go back to your house and realize that the school was just to prepare you for a larger and a more real world.

Q5 – What is our form in the real world?

We are very small in size and very high in intelligence.

Q6 – How do we choose to enter in this program or life on earth?

We don’t choose it all by ourselves. Firstly it all depends on what level of spirituality you are at, higher education or beginners. Just like a child alone is not capable of deciding what school, college or university they should join, you too are not capable of choosing your level of spiritual education in this program. If a five year old child wants to join college straight away you as their guardian know best that the child first needs to go through a lower level of education or experience before it can join college. Similarly when you decide to enter this program you are guided by higher sources who know best for you .All your experiences and challenges are chosen by you under their guidance. Everything that may seem bad that happens in your life is chosen by you under good supervision so it is all for a good reason so don’t blame others or God for it and don’t take the credit all by yourself for all the good that happens in your life as there are others too who have helped you with it. Thank everyone.

Q7 – What programs are there to choose from and what do we gain from them?

Right from BC to AD, World war 1or 2, Cave man and other centuries the list of program are endless. You can choose the time period you want to enter in depending on what virtue you want to gain. Speaking for myself I know it is patience and you will know yours as certain incidents or experiences will keep repeating in different ways till you have mastered the virtue you want to achieve. For me I have to wait for long periods to get anything I want, it could be related with work or anything materialistic, I always have to wait. I chose patience as my virtue cause in the real world I was being impatient about wanting to reach a higher realm and I was advised by my higher sources to gain patience first as my virtue to reach a higher realm.

Q8 – Why don’t we remember why we have entered this program?

If you knew what you were here for then every challenge you need to face and then overcome will be dealt with the wrong attitude, it will be like cheating in an exam. You would surely pass but without gaining much. So in the real world you will still be in the same level where you were before entering the program. The repeating challenges condition us to achieve the virtue we want to gain.

Q9 – Wont giving all this information to the readers be considered as cheating?

This information will only reach people who need it, who have already won some challenges and are now looking for a better way to handle or be in this program. This too was pre decided by them and the higher sources that at this stage of their life they will get a surety that the challenges they have overcome and the knowledge they have gained is true and they are on the right path of their spiritual journey, it’s like a gift or bonus for doing well.

Q10 – What about people who are born with disabilities or become disabled because of an accident, what about rapist, rape victims, murderers, terrorists, why do they choose such bad lives. Why do people choose to suffer from bad health?

Firstly you have to understand that this life or program is just an illusion. Everyone in this program is playing a part, A part to help themselves attain their required virtues and also help others gain theirs, sometimes knowingly but most of the time unknowingly. People come in our lives to teach us and learning is always a good thing never bad so what they teach us from the experience we have with them may seem bad at first but in the larger picture it will always be good. Similarly when people leave us and go no matter how their exit they always teach us a lesson and go. So yes a person dying in a bad accident or ill health has chosen that life to teach us a lesson. It is up to us to learn what the lesson was so always show your gratitude to them. One who leaves this program or life at an early age was the one who came here to teach, one who leaves late is the one who came here to learn. Off lately a lot of American Africans are being shot by police officers and in one such incident the victim was called or hailed as an Agent of change. This term is very true, the victim did choose a life where he would be shot by an officer and he did so to bring about a change not just for his immediate known people but in the larger circle of people….like the laws becoming strict and other reasons known best to the people around him. But let’s not forget the other agent of change in this incident and that is the officer who chose a life that involved him shooting the victim, he too is playing a very big part in this change. Take a moment and think off what you have learnt from the people who have entered or left you life, think off what the other person is trying to teach you by not being nice to you at this stage of your life. Education prepares you for life but don’t forget life or this program itself is an education. In your school or college you are given a lesson first and then an exam but in this program you are given an exam first and then the lesson follows.

Q11 – Is this life just an illusion or a projection of our mind?

Yes it is an illusion, a hologram and this video on you tube will explain it better (how do we see the external world inside our brain). All I can say from my understanding is when you are watching a film in the theater, you are watching it on the screen in front of you but in reality the film is actually being played inside a projector behind you. Similarly everything you see in front of you is being played inside you. Other example is when you hit your head or get a blood rush you see stars floating in front of you and if you try touching them you can’t because it’s happening inside you and not outside.

Q12 – Why is it important to be in a physical form to be in this program?

Physical form is a suit you wear to face, feel and enjoy the challenges and beauty of this program. You can enjoy the depth of an ocean only if you are wearing a scuba diving suit… right?

Q13 – What is the reason behind natural disasters?

Every time humans start forgetting about togetherness and the importance of it a natural disaster happens only to bring them together and if you can recollect the last time a natural disaster happened,  cities , states and even countries forgot about their differences and helped the other. The recent earth quake in Nepal is a very good example of togetherness. In the real world there is no country or boundary everyone is just one.

Q14 – What is the real world like?

The real world is true to the name we have given it “REAL”. The 5 senses you are given when you enter this program to enhance your experience is very real in the real world. Everything you see in the real world is crystal clear. Sound of a bird singing is much more soothing, grass you touch is smoother than silk. Smell of a flower stays with you for hours. Fruit you eat is juicier than anything you can relate to from this program. The true sense of being alive is experienced in the real world. Peaceful Is how you feel all the time.

Q15 – Do we have gender in the real world?

In the physical sense yes but gender in the form of a term that is used for recognition, no. Equality is one of the key ingredients in the real world to maintain peace and happiness. No man no women just beings. No fat or thin no rich or poor no color or race no hot or cold. In the real word everything or everyone is equally balanced. And take a moment and think about it, equality is what everyone in this program or life are fighting for so that in the real world you appreciate equality and strive to keep it that way. Some countries are thinking of removing the gender column from their official forms. Gender is a part of your suit you wear to face and overcome your challenges.

Q16 – Why and how does this life or program feel so real?

That’s how technically advanced this program is. Everything around you is an illusion, a hologram except for your feeling that is transmitted to you from your higher self in the real world .When you play a video game especially the one that is intense like war games or racing games you get so involved in it that your heart beats faster and you actually feel that you are experiencing everything that is happening on your screen. Makers of the video games create a very real world for you to experience the game better, like the visuals, sound and characters in the game. That’s how life or this program is created for your experience to be as real as possible. But no matter how good or advanced a video game gets it will never be close to what your life or this program offers you, similarly no matter how good or advanced this program gets it will never be close to what the real world has to offer you.

Q17 – Can we control this program?

Yes we can. Everything around you is an illusion, the incidents and challenges that you are facing is also an illusion. The only thing real is your feeling which is transmitted to you by your higher self. So next time when you are faced with a challenge be in control of your feelings by being positive and that’s how you control this program. Every time something does not work in your favor only later do you realize that it was in your best interest, next time don’t wait for latter but immediately tell yourself it’s for the better and that’s how you master this program. It’s easier said than done but to control or master anything is not easy and at the same time not impossible.

Q18 – How do we communicate in the real world?

We communicate through telepathy. Telepathy requires the mind to be extremely calm and quite only then it works. In the real world we all are very calm and peaceful. Silence is well appreciated in the real world. We connect through some people in this program through telepathy, others think it’s their inner voice or intuition some even think they are going mad but the truth is it’s our voice guiding them. You can experience telepathy in this program with animals only if you have connected with them. For me it’s with my dog woof. My example, if I am watching TV and I suddenly for some reason look behind and woof will be staring at me sitting next to the parapet wanting me to pull up a chair so that he can jump up and sit on the parapet to look outside. This was just a small example there are many more. Meditation is the root of telepathy.

Q19 – What is meditation?

Meditation is the highest form of communication, Communication with the higher sources who are constantly talking to us through telepathy. They are telling us what to do at every step but we fail to listen to them or see their signs because like a radio reception we too have to be tuned to their frequency. When our minds are full of day to day or waste thoughts it is impossible for them to communicate with us. Meditation is a practice done to be meditative and when you are in a meditative state communication becomes easier, faster and regular with the higher sources. Meditation brings the mind to a still or let’s say empty, that’s when you receive all the knowledge needed to be successful in this program or life. Meditation calms the mind and a calm mind the universe bows down to.

Q20 – Why is a dog called man’s best friend?

Not just dogs but any animal, birds, insects you have a connection with is your best friend. They enter your life or program to bring a big change, a change that was well needed and you yourself could not have managed bringing that change into your life. They are like a gift sent to you by the higher sources. Going to a pet store and buying a pet for your self can’t be considered as a gift from the higher sources.

This is my experience-

One day my brother decided to get a dog. Initially I was against it as I did not want the responsibility of walking the dog down several times a day. At that time I was battling with my own problems with an addiction to marijuana and was suffering from major depression. Every evening i used to leave my house to go smoke a joint but ever since this dog who I had named woof came to our house he used to hold me by my leg with his paw every time I had to leave, he was about seven months old then. I used to get angry at him and shoo him off calling him a crazy dog. One day I was in my room feeling trapped by my bad habit and woof was in my mom’s room tied down for being naughty and he kept barking looking at my direction, he barked nonstop for freedom. I don’t know what got into me but I just got up and went to my mom’s room and freed him. That was it, freeing him was my first step towards freedom from marijuana and I have never looked back. The bond he and I shared after that day changed my life forever or the way I like to say it “he has given me a new and a wonderful life”. Animals, birds, insects, reptiles are our best fried’s cause they are the only ones in this program who know that everything is an illusion. So no matter what problem you are going through they will always cheer you up in their own way saying ‘it’s ok and that the challenges are a part of your program for you to grow spiritually’. 16th July 08 is when woof came in my life and 26 June 09 is when I got a new life. One more person or agent of change responsible for my new life was my brother who was guided by his higher sources to get woof in our house for my benefit. I take this opportunity to thank my brother and his higher sources. Thank you!

Q21 – What other gifts do we receive from the higher sources?

Curiosity, Imagination and gratitude are gifts you are born with or given to you before you enter this program. Curiosity is the root of imagination. Take a moment and look around you, from the smallest to the largest thing around you is a result of someone’s imagination. From a thought to words to action someone’s imagination has not only helped themselves but others also in the larger picture. From a needle to a space craft is a result of an imagination. This is how this program works, on imagination. Today everything you are and where ever you are is a result of your imagination .But if your imagination does not match with the purpose of your visit in this program then the higher sources will never let it work. When your thought and emotion becomes one it creates a feeling and feelings can move mountains .Feeling is the language of the universe. So imagination with good real feelings can do wonders…. Now let’s talk about gratitude. Gratitude goes a long way. Everything is energy. A small piece of bread in your plate is also energy so before eating it say thank you or grace. Thank the universe for this piece of bread that is in your plate for your nourishment. The gratitude you show will go all the way to the farmer who sowed the wheat seeds to the person who transported it to the market to the baker who baked the bread and to the person who stacked it in the super market or delivered it to your door step. Everyone involved for your nourishment will be blessed by the universe and doing so that piece of bread will nourish you to the best of its ability. This was just a small example. Show your gratitude to the people who push you to your limits, who make you tough by saying harsh things to you. They are responsible for making your personality. At first it may seem like they are not helping you but later you will realize the benefits of their words and actions. Show your gratitude to your parents and higher sources as they are always there with you. Just a short prayer of gratitude before you sleep and as you wake up will work like wonders for everyone.

Imagination is a powerful gift given to us by the all mighty so use it unrealistically. Belief is our way of thanking the all mighty so use it whole heartedly. When we whole heartedly thank the all mighty for its gift or when we believe in our imagination it becomes a reality. Such is the power of this gift so use it to the fullest.

Q22 – Who are the higher sources or spiritual guides?

They are beings just like you. They could be your friends, family members, spouse and grandparent not just from this program but from your previous program or life. You could be their guide at some point and now they are yours. Being’s who entered this program to spread spirituality have ascended masters as their guides. Even beings you are close to in this program come back to the real world after their program is over to guide you as it become easy for you to relate with someone you know from this current life of yours.

Q23 – How do the higher sources see us and why can’t we see them?

You live in a three dimensional world. The 5 senses you are born with or enter in this program with are to make your experiences as real as possible at the same time confide you in this program for your growth. Very few who have mastered this program can see beyond this three dimensional program. Your walls, the ground and the sky is like a two way mirror, they can see you but you can’t see them.

Q24 – How can we know when our higher sources, angels or guides are close to us?

Sudden bursts of smiles without any reason known to you. The feeling you have at that time is the same as when you get a surprise visit from a loved one .But this will only happen if you have connected with the higher sources. Meditation is the way.

Q25 – Besides telepath what are the other ways of the higher sources connecting with us or what other signs we get from them?

Firstly you have to understand that they cannot connect with us or we cannot connect with them if our frequency does not match with theirs. Meditation makes that possible. The signs you can get are from repeating numbers in the strangest of ways. Feathers flying towards you even when there are no birds around you. Asking for a particular color to be seen or image, reply to your question comes in forms of random text forwards, bill board signs, bumper stickers, dreams, self realization and in rare and extreme cases you hear them clearly and some time could even see them.

Here I share my personal experience and by the time these experiences started happening I was already practicing meditation for a few years. This incident you are about to read now was the start of my experience or connection with the higher sources.

Years back I met (Binu bhai) a disciple of a holy man who just looked at me and said that if you don’t stop doing drugs you will soon be in so much depression that you will kill yourself and that will be a waste of life as you have a strong connection with God but you are not making use of it. So I told him I was trying hard to quit but it was impossible. He asked me to pray to God asking for help and he was very clear that God is not going to come down to help me but will give me signs helping me to quit and if after that also I don’t stop then there will be no one who can help me. So that’s exactly what I started doing, I asked for God’s help to get me out of this bad habit. One day I was driving all by myself and in a few minutes was going to roll my joint to smoke and I was not very happy about it so I prayed to God in my heart to stop me from doing it and as I finished with this short sentence I got a text msg , it was from Mumbai narcotics and it was a forward that read “Say no to drugs and say yes to life together we can meet this challenge” I parked my car on the side and was in a state of shock so I read the msg several times. I called up some friends and asked them if they too had got that msg and the answer from everyone was no! So I took it as a sign from God and I drove back home and never smoked marijuana after that. The date and text msg is tattooed on me now. The date was 26-6-09. After exactly a year I got the same msg again and a few years back I realized that 26 June is the international day against drug abuse.

This is my experience with numbers:-

One day I took my pet dog woof to the vet and the token number I got was number 7. I had to take him to the vet continuously for four days and the token number I got all the days was number 7. By now I obviously knew something was going on so the last token number 7 I got which was like a piece of paper I kept it with me in my atm card holder. This time I went back home and goggled angel number 7 and the information I got regarding that number was exactly what I was feeling for those days and wanted an answer for it. So now months passed by and one day for no reason I threw the paper out and as I threw it I felt bad but was too late to go get it back, it just dint feel right and in my heart I apologized to my higher sources for it. After a few days I took my other pet dog katana to the vet for her yearly shot and like always I asked for a token number at the vet, this time as the receptionist handed me the token number the number was on the other side and I could not see it but before I could sit down this elderly man sitting with his dog requested me to get him a token number so I spontaneously gave him mine and asked for another one for myself and to my surprise it was number 7. So the previous number that I gave the elderly man was 6. This time I kept the paper for good. I thanked my higher sources or angels for this humbling experience and ever since then it has been raining numbers. The higher sources use numbers to communicate with us and here is why…. Take a moment and look around you, everything you see living or non living is made up of numbers in the sense of length, breath, height width diameter again from a pin to a space craft is made of numbers, humans animals birds all living and non living things are made of numbers. In this program that’s how you are programmed to see things. Once you form a connection with your higher sources they will get you attention in the strangest of ways and some times in the most simplest of ways.

This is my experience with a dream:-

One day I asked the higher sources if they could please make me hear the sound of Om. That night in my dreams which was very real I was sitting next to an old man who chanted Om and as soon as he began I opened my eyes and the sound I heard was the most powerful yet soothing sound ever. Comforting is how I felt at that point. That sound still stays with me.

This is my experience with asking for a sign:-

My earlier stages of connecting with the higher sources I would ask them to show me a particular color as a sign that I have connected with them, as soon as I would open my eyes from meditation I would look out of my window and see that color. It would either be some guy wearing a t shirt of that color or a car would pass by of the same color. Every time I asked for a sign I would choose a different color and I always saw it. It’s a very good feeling but somehow I would call it a strange co incident. So one day I asked for the color purple to be seen and I promised that if I saw that color I would never question my connection with them ever again. As I opened my eyes I saw a white car passing by with PURPLE written in block letters on the driver’s side of the door and it was written in the color purple. I never questioned my connection with them ever again.

When my connection became stronger I would ask to see lord Shiva not as a sign but as a surety of me being on the right path. I would always see it as a sticker or a statue or one of Shivas symbol in some ones car or a name related to Shiva. One day I was waiting for a train and was connecting with the higher sources and when I finished I asked to see Shiva, at that point I was waiting next to a stall and was buying a bottle of water, as I turned a frail looking Sadhu (holy man) was making his way towards me and was trying to make eye contact with me to get my attention, I kept looking away thinking he is going to ask for money as in today’s time you don’t know if a Sadhu is genuine or a fake just trying to beg for money. So out of all the thousands of people present at the station this sadhu walks up to me and says (I am translating Hindi to English) “Son I have just got back from Haridwar and I am not feeling too good, will you be kind enough to buy me some sweet curd from the shop behind you” I obviously obliged and before he left, he blessed me and disappeared in the crowd. It took me a few seconds to realize that the place he mentioned where he came from “haridwar” is a holy place with maximum number of Shiva temples. So again it was the most humbling experience.

My experience with self realization:-

This incident again involves my pet dog woof so by know I am sure you will agree to what an important role he has played in my journey towards spiritualism. Woof was again not keeping well and to make it worse his medicine had to be mixed in his food and given to him. Every time my mother did that he would smell it and not eat his food. So I came up with a plan to delay the timing of his food and keep him hungry so when we did give him his food he would have no choice but to eat it, this worked really well. Now one evening my mother and I were wondering why was it taking so long for my career to go my way and after we discussed it, it was time for woof to get his food and exactly at 7pm he would come and sit next to my mom and look at her very sweetly for food. This time before my mom could get up to give him food I reminded her to delay it and to that she said that she feels really bad doing it and my quick reply was “ma it’s for his own good” and like a light bulb coming on I had got my answer for my own career delays. It was as if the higher sources had put these words in me, once again I was completely calm and felt humbled with this sign and this time I had also learnt a lesson. Delaying woofs food was in his best interest and that was our part and on his part he kept his faith in us and did not go crazy begging for food or get angry, he still looked at my mom with the same love in his eyes. I knew what I had to do and it was a good reminder to be patient. Patience is a stepping stone to wisdom.

My experience with hearing the higher sources:-

I would not like to share the story behind this experience as it is too personal to me. One day an incident happened and my reaction to it was beyond my control but at that time it just felt right. So after that incident the entire night I kept wondering if my reaction was right and how I could have handled the situation better or if that is how I was made to react by the higher sources. The next day when I was meditating I heard a voice and when I say heard a voice I don’t mean an inner voice or a thought it was a voice you hear as clear and loud as someone physically talking to you. That voice said very calmly (in Hindi) “Aap bhairon hai” (English translation)“ You are bhairon” Bhairon is a form that lord Shiva had taken to protect his wife Sati’s body parts (you can read more about this on the net). Listening to that voice I opened my eyes to see if someone was next to me and on not seeing anyone I closed my eyes again and the feeling I had then was beyond words. I had got my answer to my reaction for the previous day. I just knew the higher sources made me react in that manner. I am not married so this is not related to my wife but a person I am very close to. The higher sources can make you do things for someone else’s good and there are lots of incidents you can read about on the net where people have done acts beyond their capacity or capability, like a man lifting the front of a car to help his trapped uncle get out. These were my experiences and I am sure others have theirs too. It is very important to thank our higher sources when we get these signs as it is not easy for them to get our attention and they work hard with us building this connection. So please show your gratitude towards them.

Q26 – Who is lord Shiva?

Science and people in the west now believe in the power of the universe. They also believe that it is very much alive and we are all part of it. What science and west are saying now sadhus in India have been saying this for a very long time. Since in those times it was difficult for people to relate with what the sadhus were trying to teach, the sadhus made the universe into a story. They gave the universe a form and a name so that people could relate with the powers of this form. God made man and manmade God in his own form. Sadhus knew that they were a part of the universe so they gave this form they created their own image and they called him Shiva. A Sadhu with a trident was born. Shiva is the western way of spelling it and pronouncing it, in the interiors of south India it is still pronounced the way it was meant to be and that is ‘Siva’ Si means a powerful energy and Va means to divert or give direction to that energy. Chinese call it the Chi force.  But now what has happened is that people all over believe in the image of Shiva more than the power behind it. Shiva stands for the destroyer, creator and preserver. Without destruction there cannot be a creation and only when there is a creation can you preserve it. This law applies to everything around us living or non living. To make a paper boat some where a tree was destroyed and then its bark was used to create paper and only then you can make a boat that you can now preserve. This was a very small example, now look around and see that this is the law applied to everything. Life is also created the same way. Sex though pleasurable is very destructive in its act out of which a new energy is created in the form of a child, a creation that parents work hard to preserve. We are all part of Shiva, the creator, destroyer and preserver.

Q27 Who are Sadhus and how did they get all this information?

Sadhu is a term used for holy men in India but what I say goes for all the holy men across the world. Beings who have mastered this program over a period of time then enter this program to practice what they have learnt and also to teach what they have learnt. They live a simple life far away from the material world and live in nature as they believe that they are a part of nature and that is where they find comfort. A true sadhu is a very high soul who has entered this program with only one mission and that is to guide people towards spirituality. They have a very strong connection with the higher sources and get all their information through telepathy. Science now believes in the third eye and they call it the pineal gland. It is as small as a grain of rice and it has a lens just like an eye. It is situated between the two sides of the brain. Though the brain does not receive any light through the skull the pineal gland receives light and now science too like the sadhus say that the pineal gland connects us to the other world. Doctors got this information about the placement and function of the pineal gland by doing some test and operation on the human body. Have you ever wondered how did sadhus know about the pineal gland? It was telepathy with the higher sources; again meditation played a key role in it. Sadhus knew that this program is a hologram and everything in it is an energy including the physical form, so the third eye or the pineal gland that looks like a grain of rice is also a hologram but its energy is real and its function is to show another point of view of life or this program, a spiritual view a more positive view a higher perspective to situations. Now imagine how difficult it must have been for the sadhus to explain this energy and its placement on our body which is nothing but an energy to the people of that time, so the sadhus came up with an idea, when they drew Shiva they drew the third eye on the fore head a little above where the eyebrows meet. It was a rough idea of where the third eye is placed and now everyone could relate to something that they can see. But again with time the real placement of the third eye is lost, people meditate on their foreheads because they have seen it on images of Shiva and have forgotten the real place of the third eye and that is between the two hemispheres of our brain. For activating that energy for you benefit, while meditating focus on the third eye where it really is.

Q28 – Why do Sadhus go to the mountains?

Firstly you have to understand that we are all energies. To survive or function properly in this program oxygen is very important, you cannot see this energy but cannot deny the fact that it’s there. Plants and trees are designed to give out oxygen. Knowledge is also energy and mountains are designed to give out these energies, not just spiritual knowledge but any kind of knowledge. Today you have internet and any kind of information you need is just a click away but when your wifi signal is low you go closer to the modem so that the signal becomes stronger or faster. Similarly sadhus or people who are seeking knowledge and especially spiritual knowledge are unintentionally drawn towards the mountains. Some think sadhus or people go to the mountains is to find peace but peace is a state of mind. You could be in the mountains or a beach but in your mind if you are thinking of all kinds of worries than the mountains can be of no good. But yes like a library where there is so much of peace and silence, being in the mountains has the same feel. Whenever you are surrounded by knowledge you will be surrounded by silence and peace. Sadhus spend a lot of time in these libraries or mountains so after they finish their journey, their energies or knowledge remains in these libraries for others to benefit from. It’s like returning a book back to the library for others to read.

Q29 – Is it important to leave non vegetarian food to be on the spiritual path?

This world or program is an illusion. Everything living or non living is a hologram. Hunger, thirst, cravings, pain is an illusion but the feeling behind it is real. So killing an animal for food is also an illusion and if vegetarians think that plants, fruits and vegetables have no life or energy in them, they are very wrong. All energies in this program are playing a part. Food you eat and the water you drink is also playing its part so it is very important to show your gratitude and respect to all things that are there in this program provided by Shiva (universe) for your benefit and nourishment. What is wrong is to use any of these energies for entertainment like hunting or cutting down trees for better roads. Look around you there is energy in everything living and non living. For example your televisions remote also has energy in it as someone has put in their energy to make this remote so that your life becomes easier. So respect everything you see or use.

Q30 – Why are some people in this life more inclined to spirituality than others?

Can you ask a student studying in the first grade why he or she doesn’t know what a student from the university knows? I am sure the answer you got is a no! Everyone in this program is on a different level of education, some are on a higher level and some on the lower level .Sometime people on the higher level look down on others who know less which is not a good thing to do. Always be humble with your experience and knowledge as someone always knows more than you. Just because someone has entered this program fifty years before you may not mean that he or she knows more than you, similarly someone who has entered this program fifty years after you may know more than you. So respect all for being brave to enter this program or life.

Q31 – How to find the right guru or teacher to follow?

Meaning of guru- Gu means darkness or ignorance ru means one who removes you from this darkness or enlightens you. The best gurus are the higher sources and once you have connected with them through meditation, you will meet lots of gurus in your day to day life. Any person giving you advise or showing you the right path is your guru, if what they say makes sense to you then they are your true guru maybe not for someone else but true guru for you, this person may not be wearing a white robe with a long beard but could be anybody. A guru is not just limited to a human form they could be animals, insects, birds, anyone who shows you the light in their own way becomes a guru

This is my experience:-

All of us hate flies and I was no exception. One day I killed a fly for just flying around me. One smack and it lay dead next to me. Soon another fly came next to the dead one and sat down next to it,I was about to kill it when this fly went and almost nudged the dead fly trying to move it so I held back to watch. This fly for the longest tried everything in its capacity to wake up the dead fly but it just did not work. By now I was feeling horrible as I instantly felt that this could have been me trying to revive a loved one who was killed for no reason.  And for me that fly became a guru. It taught me to respect everyone or everything in this life or program because they too are here for a reason. My family and friends till date laugh at me for not killing flies and mosquitoes. I met this lady once at her house who was very much involved with an animal right group and she spoke about what all she has accomplished. All this while that she spoke she must have killed a dozen of mosquitoes with this electric racket that is made to kill flies and mosquitoes. When she got done talking about all that she had accomplished by saving so many animals I questioned her act of killing so many mosquitoes and she was quick to reply “God they are so annoying” and that was it she carried on killing a few more. I told her shoeing them off was a better idea or there were a lot of other products in the market that will just keep the annoying fellows away. Well she did not like me for saying this and kindly and indirectly asked me to leave. I could have been her guru but I just did not make sense to her.

One day while jogging in the park I was thinking about how every time my work would start and for some reason would always stop and how at that time I would be very angry but within a few months would realize that it was all for a very good reason that it did not happen. That’s when I thought to myself that I wish I knew how to handle those situation, I wish I could react better at that time and as all these thoughts were going on in my mind I saw a caterpillar on my jogging track moving at snail speed towards the grass. I had to be careful and jumped over it but I was not sure if the other joggers would be careful or for that matter even care about it and might just stamp it, so I went back and gently picked up the caterpillar to put it on the grass but as I picked it up the little fellow started behaving like it was possessed and I had no choice but to through it on the grass. The little guy had a rough landing but was fine and in my mind I said to the little guy only if you would have let me do what was good for you your landing would have been smooth sailing. Again like a light bulb coming on I got my answer. That’s how we need to be when the higher sources are taking us off our track and putting us to where we need to be but so that are landing is smooth we need to be calm and have faith in the transition period. We may think we are on the right track but the higher sources know best. Caterpillar in its own way became my guru. Once you are open to receiving knowledge, besides your higher sources gurus will appear all around you in different forms. If you want to be a true follower all you need to do is follow what all these ascended masters like Buddha, Jesus Guru Nanak and Shirdi Sai Baba to name a few did, they learnt from everyone they could and formed their own understanding .That’s a true follower, not someone who blindly follows someone else’s understanding of life or this program.

Q32 – Some say that the physical pain that people suffer from is because in their previous life they had caused that pain to someone else?

That is not true. When we enter this program we choose our own challenges some emotional and the other physical. If for whatever reason you cannot handle your emotional challenges the physical challenges come up, same goes with the physical challenge if u cannot handle it emotional challenges come up and this alternate challenge is also chosen by you. In this program you will always have two choice for example to go left or right, yes or no this one or that one. This goes with the material and non material things. From a choice of hundred cars you will always debate between two. Similarly when something doesn’t go your way there will be two choices either see the brighter side or the darker side, the choice will always be yours. Practicing meditation will help you make the right choice.

Q33 – Why do some people commit suicide?

Suicide is like running away from school. When school for whatever reason is tough to be in you start hating it and some kids run away from it. That is exactly how some people feel in this program when their own challenges become tough to handle and they decide to end this program before time. When these people come back to the real world they are given lot of care and comfort. Soon they realize what the program was all about and the challenges they ran away from were chosen by them for their own good which only later they would have realized, they feel bad for their actions and soon re enter the program. And yes they are shown the consequences of their action which does not only affect them in this program but also their higher sources who were guiding them and now feel very let down. Their action shifts the focus of the people around them who were facing their own challenges and now their higher sources have to work harder to get them back on track. Ending this program before its due time is not a good thing to do so help those who feel that way.

Q34 – Why are only few people creative?

We are all part of the creator so we naturally inherit creativity in us. Anybody can paint but only an experienced painter can paint well, experience they have achieved not from this life time but over a period of different life times or programs. Similarly with writers, musicians, singers, physicists, scientists and others have all got their talents through experience. They are blessed by the higher sources because these are the people who through their talents help you grow or cope with this program .They can take you into an imaginary world far away from your stress full lives. They invent new things for your benefit, they choose a very difficult program so that more hardship they face the more they live in solitude and their minds become empty of the continuous chatter of everything around them and that is when they receive their creations from the higher sources. Many known physicist, writers, painters musicians, mathematicians have been humble enough to announce the fact that they get their ideas from the higher sources. You can read about them on the internet.

Q35 – Is God really there, has anyone seen him in the real world?

Yes God is there; you never see God but feel God not just in the real world but in this program that you are in. What makes anyone think that God is a male or female? Gender is just a uniform you wear to be in this program. Like it has been said before everything is energy, God is the root of that energy or source of that energy. The saying that God is in every one of us, God is everywhere, God is in everything is very true. We cannot see god but can feel the effects of God. You cannot see air but that is what is keeping you alive right now as you read this line. Without an effort you are breathing in and breathing out, that breath is God. The sip of water you take that quenches your thirst and puts life in you that feeling you get at that point is God. The warmth of the sun that brings in life in this program that warmth is God. The feeling you get when you are enlightened, that feeling is God. In short the energy that is keeping the whole universe moving and alive that energy is God. Through meditation you can be in the presence of God all the time. But without your belief and faith God is nothing.

Q36 – Do prayers work?

A prayer is meant to be a conversation with God. A conversation happens two ways but what most of the people do is have a one way conversation with God. It’s like giving a speech where only one person talks and the other listens. If prayer is our way of talking to God then meditation is our way of listening to God. Next time when you pray make sure to listen and that will only happen when the mind is quite, Meditation makes the mind quite.

Q37 – Do we have religion in the real world?

We don’t have religion in the real world. Like gender and body religion is also a uniform that you wear in this program for your spiritual growth. Depending on your challenges and under the guidance of the higher sources you choose your religion before you enter this program. Religion in the form of its story’s teaches you to be humble, to have faith, to be strong, to know the difference between good and bad and to look up to someone. Religion creates ego and with ego comes disagreements, confusion, anger, violence and these are all the challenges that you need to overcome to live in the peaceful real world. Ego stops us from becoming better beings. When we overcome ego, lot of new doors open… doors miracles. The reason behind different religion even though the teachings are the same is to divide people. Only when you are divided do you realize the value of being one. In the real world there is no religion we are all one.

Q38 – Why was yoga introduced in this program?

In the real world nothing is in extremes everything is well balanced. The weather all around is perfectly balanced neither too hot nor too cold.  It’s never too wet not too dry. Similarly our emotions are also well balanced where nothing excites us too much and nothing saddens us too much. Yoga asana are very much responsible for this state of ours. All asana and breathing exercises are meant to keep the mind calm and balanced not only while performing these asana but in our day to day life challenges .Mind controls every emotion and movement of ours so when our mind stresses about a situation we don’t breathe correctly and the result of that is we end up making wrong choices or decisions. When you hold any asana positions you should breathe normally, this conditions the mind to be calm and breathe normally in different situations that you are put in. Yoga asana are meant to condition your mind to be balanced in good and bad challenges therefore handling any challenge calmly. Forward bending exercises makes you a humble person, side bending exercises builds up your confidence, backward bending exercise makes your will power stronger and head stand conditions your mind to see challenges with a new perspective, it conditions you to see the positive in any situation. Yoga truly is about mind body and soul. In this program a healthy body is required to face all your challenges, like it was said earlier your body is just a suit you wear to face your challenges so once you finish with your program you leave your suit behind and a perfectly balanced mind and soul will come back to the real world. So do yoga for its true sense.

Q39 – How can one know what is their souls mission?

Not everyone who enters this program has a mission. Most enter this program for their personal spiritual growth. You will know what your purpose is when challenges keep repeating till you have mastered the virtue you wanted to achieve. The ones who are assigned with a mission are highly experienced souls which means they have entered this program many times and are now ready to help others not just in the real world but also in this program. These souls have one mission and that is to put the light of spiritual knowledge on people who are living in darkness and have lost the reason of entering in this program. Not many understand their teachings and are always opposed but these are the challenges these high souls enter in this program with. Every thought that is different goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed or laughed upon then it is violently opposed and later accepted in a big way. All the ascended masters or inventors you can think of went through theses stages. You will know you are on a soul mission if from an early age or early stage of your program people feel very comfortable sharing their problems with you no matter what the age difference, these people could be known to you or even strangers. You may not always give them your advice but just talking to you will make them feel good. Then later stage people will want your advice and it could be related with work or anything personal or spiritual. Then a stage comes when you are accepted by a large number of people as their guru. These souls have a calm presence about them that people are drawn to unintentionally. These souls are guided and blessed by the Ascended masters.

This is not the last question that I will be asking but only when we share knowledge do we gain more and it is time for me to gain more knowledge. Encourage people and especially children to question things, it could be anything of their interest but let them get their own answers. When we question things the experiences we have while getting the answers will help us know who we truly are and the knowledge we gain will be with us for the rest of our existence no matter what form we take. My intention with this book is not to preach but this new understanding of life has made me face my challenges with ease. The situation and people who bring these challenges to me I now see them in a different light, the spiritual light. I hope others can do the same.

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