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tami ortiz - synergized tarot by tami
The two video readings that I am currently offering is:

9 Card Spread for a specific question or two that you want guidance on… $35.00

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For a 9 card spread you can choose two specific areas for example:  Love and Work, 2 choices that you need guidance on, Review of past, present, future   

General Spread with 5 specific areas that you want guidance on… $45.00

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For the general spread with 3-5 specific areas with 3 or more cards laid out they are: Self, Love, Family, Work and other messages from spirit.  If you would like to change these specific areas, please let me know and I will focus on those areas but please make sure you give me specifics and brief background of each area that you want guidance on.

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For my monthly horoscope tarot videos where I provide spiritual guidance for each sign and you will also see how I perform my tarot readings.

I am also connecting through live Skype tarot readings and personal consultations in the Memphis and Arlington Tennessee area:

Skype Reading up to 1½ hours of Tarot Reading Guidance… $65.00

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For Skype readings I will work around both of our schedules since many of my clients are worldwide I want to find the best time to Skype together so it depends upon both of our schedules when we can connect but usually can Skype within 5 days)

If you are in the local Memphis and Arlington TN area, I would love to connect personally and for a private consultation… $75.00  (usually lasts for 2 hours)..

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I will send you an email once I receive payment to set up a Skype or a personal consultation time or will let you know when your video reading will be ready. You can also send me your information directly to my email address ([email protected]) or you can send it through my contact page.

Please read my Disclaimer page for more information about how I conduct my readings

With pure love thru Synergy,