tami ortiz - synergized tarot by tami
Thank you so much for your support, I truly am so grateful for the many blessings My Guides, Our Angels and The Divine have given me to have the encouragement to follow my life passion.

How I intuitively connect to a tarot reading is by meditating and through Synergy, I assist as a conduit in receiving the messages from your Guides, Angels and the Divine for the answers you are seeking.  Understand, I am not here to tell you the future but to intuitively and energetically guide you through some challenges you may need spiritual advice on.  So the more open you are about your situation and to provide me of a brief background about what is happening within your energy helps me to ensure I can give you the best possible reading.  I have found out through my clients that I have stronger connections with those who are more open and honest about what they are asking in the cards without me trying to guess.   I want ensure I guide your reading into the right direction because the more clearer our connection the easier I can intuitively feel your energy and receive the messages from spirit.

I do not charge my video readings on a specific length of time it just depends on what messages I receive for your reading that determines the length of it, but they usually last for 9 card spread between 30 minutes -1 hour and the 5 Section spread usually lasts between 45 minutes to over an hour.

If you decide to have a video reading from me, please email me or through my contact page send me your question(s) and any information that would help to connect to the cards for your reading especially since you will not be in front of me to ask you questions, this would be most helpful.

Please provide your birthday sign and also a picture of you and if there is someone you are inquiring about please send a picture of both of you and their zodiac sign.  If not that is fine, it just helps to connect to your energies easier when I can feel your synergy through a picture.  

My wait time right now is within 5 days for my video readings once I receive your payment and question(s), so I will get back with you by then with your reading or earlier depending on my wait list and when I receive your question(s) and payment. 

Any information you send to me I will keep private and confidential and know that your you tube video reading will be unlisted so no one can see it unless you forward the link to them.

If you decide to Skype or connect with me personally in the local Memphis area, please send me your contact email information and I will work with you to set up the best time available for both of us to connect together

I am also available for group tarot readings for intimate connections, parties and weddings in the local Memphis area, please contact me for rates and availability

With pure love thru Synergy,