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I am a Scorpio (Sun), Virgo (Rising) and a Pisces (Moon) and I chose in this lifetime to be a light worker and to bring spiritual healing energy to those who I have connected to through my tarot readings.  I am a late bloomer I did not understand or listen to my intuitive abilities until I started to go through some major changes and life lessons that brought out my spiritual connection with my angels and guides.   I started to meditate and listen to why I had chosen a certain pathway in this life time, you see I was adopted when I was born into a very religious and dysfunctional family, so one of my life lessons that I had to learn was to find my true connection to my own spirituality.   

I tried out quite a few different religions trying to connect to the Divine in a way that I could feel his presence, but until I started to believe in my own feelings and intuition (Pisces energy) and transform and connect deeply to my inner being (Scorpio energy), I finally understood who I was and what I was here to do, be a healer (Virgo energy).  So yes I chose to learn a lot of hard and difficult lessons in this lifetime but it also led me to find my true pathway and transform into who I truly am a spiritual being who is here to connect to others through Synergy.   

I also learned through numerology that my Life path# is 11 (Those who lead this Path number usually do not see their true soul purpose until later in life and that is why I was a late bloomer, I had to learn my lessons before I could heal others) and my Destiny # from my full name that I was given at birth is a #7 (Spiritual growth).  So through my Astrology chart and where my Planets are aligned to my Life path being a Spiritual Healer and my Destiny Number connected to the spiritual energies of the universe, I have finally found my true soul connection and pathway.

I also wanted to say, I always knew intuitively that I would find my birth mother when I was a young child and I did finally connect with her many years ago and still have the most amazing connection with her now.  What is also truly cool about connecting to the universe, I discovered that my full birth name and my adopted name both add up to the same Destiny number in Numerology a #7.  If that isn’t a sign from the Universe that my Destiny in this lifetime would be a very spiritual one no matter who gave birth to me because yes we chose our own life pathway before we came into this incarnation and we are all here as soul beings on our own spiritual quest to learn our own life lessons so that we can pay off our karmic debts and move closer to the Divine’s energy.  I have been so blessed to follow my guidance and to truly love what I do and to follow my intuition and to be awaken to such beautiful visions from the Divine, my Angels and Spirit Guides and from all of you that I connect to through my tarot readings.

I hope that you would like to connect and if so, please go to my disclaimer and services page to select which tarot reading you would like.  

With Much Love and Gratitude. 

With pure love thru Synergy,